Summer in San Potito

Saturday 23rd September, 2017

I spent this past August living in San Potito Sannitico, a rural village in the region of Campania at the foot of the Matese mountains. It's a place known for its orchards (grape vines tumble over every awning) and, in the past few years, a plethora of contemporary murals by artists from all over the world. For various reasons, I wasn't able to document these murals I was there. In addition to not having a camera for the majority of my stay, it felt perverse to try and capture them. They became such a vital part of how I moved around and oriented myself that they relinquished their status as images and were subsumed into the rest of the scenery. In the end, photographing them felt at odds with the way that they were woven, so seamlessly, into the life and idenity of the place, with its futuristic harmony of art and agriculture. Luckily, I was living with the people at the centre of the village's art world: photographer Giuliana Conte and muralist Tono Cruz of CNFSN crew. As well as creating their own work both in Italy and abroad, Giuliana and Tono work tirelessly with other members of the community to transform San Potito into a global centre of contemporary art.

I was there for the Terra Vivente Art Studio residency, which culminated in an exhibition of our work at Fate Festival, held annually in San Potito. In addition to an oil cartoon (in the traditional sense of the word), I showed a work made with another artist, Holly Arnold: an installation inspired by our time there entitled Fuori Dal Tempo. Holly and I bonded under a full orange moon during a noctural walk in the mountain. We later visited the Reggia palace of Caserta and some of my haunts in Napoli.

Lago Matese
Inside the Reggia
A glimpse of our installation (without flash)
Inside a school designed by innovative architect Fabrizio Carola