Summer in San Potito

September 2017


November 2016

an embodied photo essay

Maria Lai

September 2016

Non riesco a spigare l'aria magica in Ogilastra

Gibson at the Royal Academy

September 2016

On September 8th, a free exhibition on the life and work of sculptor John Gibson opened at the Royal Academy of Arts. Spread across two rooms the display is focused, showcasing a selection of work in marble and plaster alongside various drawings, letters and other ephemeral documents.


June 2016

Sin City

June 2016



April 2016

Spirit Boys: the First Emojis

April 2016

Palazzo Sanfelice

September 2015

When you hear the word “rococo” what immediately comes to mind? Maybe an ancien régime interior or one of its typical features, like an extravagant Sevres vase or a gallant scene by Boucher. Perhaps a gilded arabesque. Most know it as a decorative style: feminine, frilly and French.

Mater, Percorsi Simbolici Sulla Maternità

August 2015

Wandering alone through an empty exhibition is a rare and strange experience. The quiet of the gallery space is amplified by one’s solitude. Couched in silence, works of art take advantage of the latitude afforded by the lack of living bodies. Each surface, each tint and contour vies for attention, so that the walls and floors seem to erupt with competing frequencies. It is as if the rooms begin to buckle under the weight of life itself, consolidated in their contents.